Still No iCal-Exchange Sync

Occasionally I revisit my quest to have my Exchange calendar accessible on my Mac. This past week was one of those times. I spent a lot of time with Google looking for any decent solution. No Luck. I revisited GroupCal. I downloaded the latest version, and in the process of installing went through all the … Continue reading Still No iCal-Exchange Sync

Further Experiences with GroupCal

After about 8 hours of messing around with GroupCal, I can say one thing is certain, make sure that you have a good backup of your Exchange calendar and your iCal calendar.After an email to technical support, I found out that I could manage my tasks the way that I wanted to - categories in … Continue reading Further Experiences with GroupCal

Exchange Tasks – Done! (Well almost)

As with anything, if its a good idea, in the Mac community someone is either working on it or its already done. Such is the case with syncing my tasks with Exchange and iCal. There is some great by a group called Snerdware. They have two products that are especially interesting, GroupCal and AddressX. GroupCal … Continue reading Exchange Tasks – Done! (Well almost)

The Travails of Entourage Tasks and Exchange in a Dashboard Widget

OK, here's my complaint. I use a Mac. Well that's not really my complaint. My complaint is about how Microsoft doesn't play well with others. What else is new? I love using my Mac, even though I program for Windows. Of course my organization has Exchange as its collaboration server. As a manager I use … Continue reading The Travails of Entourage Tasks and Exchange in a Dashboard Widget