The Best Mac Tools

Recently I've been in this mode of acquiring all of these great, little Mac productivity tools. It all started when I started watching the MacBreak video podcast. Those shows started introducing me to some really great tools. The best thing is that these tools are either free or really cheap - if you think about … Continue reading The Best Mac Tools

Of iTunes, Audible, and Podcasts is this really cool service that lets you purchase and download audio books as well as some subscription material. Since I have an hour commute each way to work, Audible, my iPod and of course my indispensable DLO Transpod, help me make that time productive. Hey it's better than yacking on the cell phone. … Continue reading Of iTunes, Audible, and Podcasts

Exchange Tasks – Done! (Well almost)

As with anything, if its a good idea, in the Mac community someone is either working on it or its already done. Such is the case with syncing my tasks with Exchange and iCal. There is some great by a group called Snerdware. They have two products that are especially interesting, GroupCal and AddressX. GroupCal … Continue reading Exchange Tasks – Done! (Well almost)

The Travails of Entourage Tasks and Exchange in a Dashboard Widget

OK, here's my complaint. I use a Mac. Well that's not really my complaint. My complaint is about how Microsoft doesn't play well with others. What else is new? I love using my Mac, even though I program for Windows. Of course my organization has Exchange as its collaboration server. As a manager I use … Continue reading The Travails of Entourage Tasks and Exchange in a Dashboard Widget

OS X Tiger smbd process overflow fix (error -10810)

I normally live in a blissful Mac existence. My MacBook Pro just works, just like it should. I enjoy the enhanced productivity that comes from using it. For those occasions when I need to use Windows, I have Parallels' wonderful virtual machine installed. When I need Windows, I boot up a Windows session in about … Continue reading OS X Tiger smbd process overflow fix (error -10810)