Journaling Disks using Drive Genius 2

I snagged a copy of Drive Genius 2 in the recent MacUpdate Promo bundle. If you have never bought into one of the promos, I recommend that you check it out the next time it comes around. You get a lot of great software at a significant discount. Drive Genius alone was worth the price of admission.

Yesterday, in the December 26th, post Christmas sales, I purchased a new terabyte drive to house my burgeoning photo and media collection. While I had already used Drive Genius to “slim” my existing hard drives by eliminating duplicate files, unused localizations and older cache content, this would be my first use to initialize a hard drive.

One thing I noticed immediately was that the interface for initializing the hard drive was rather spare. It lacked all of the different initialization options that Apple’s Disk Utility provides. Normally this would be a good thing. However, I was curious about selecting whether or not the drive would be journalled – a process that Apple uses to track drive activity to use in case of a failure.

According to all of the documentation that I could find, including the Drive Genius user manual and most blogs “reviewing” the software, the check box to select journaling is under the “Repair” option. However, after searching through the Drive Genius interface, the Journaled option check box is located under the “Information” section in the details tab. This seems to me to be a more logical choice for placement. I hope they updated the user manual soon.

<RANT>As a side note, bloggers who purport to “review” a piece of software should actually look at all of the features that they are writing about and contribute something original instead of copying whole paragraphs out of the product’s user manuals.</RANT>

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