Resolve GMail Undefined Issue

Resolve GMail Undefined Issue – Firefox

I’m fickle about browsers. Safari has some very nice features such as the ability to resize text boxes in forms. It also syncs bookmarks to my .Mac Mobile Me account to my other Macs and my iPhone. On the other hand there is much to love about Firefox 3. The biggest thing I like is the ability to have multiple home pages that open when I launch the browser. I know in Safari all I need to do is Command-click the bookmarks folder that contains all of my preferred pages. Still, if I can, I prefer to skip that step. I also like Firefox’s ability to use GreaseMonkey scripts to tweak certain webpages.

GMail Undefined Items

Because of the different features I will switch between browsers, using each one until I get frustrated with the its limitations.

Recently, I’ve been using Firefox and I noticed that my GMail messages would show “undefinedX” where the To: and the From: address as well as a number of other items are supposed to be displayed. I quickly checked in Safari to see if it was a browser specific issue. Sure enough, when I view the messages in Safari, all the information is where it is supposed to be.

Firefox Add Ons

In Firefox, I use a number of add ons to enhance my GMail experience. I use Better GMail 2 by Gina Trapani of fame, to make a number of tweaks to GMail. The Redesigned in Better GMail 2 skin is very eye pleasing and almost fools me into thinking that I am using a desktop client. I also use the GreaseMonkey to enable a variety of additional JavaScript tweaks in Firefox. One of these was the ability to preview conversations in GMail by right clicking on the message.

GMail Conversation Preview Script

One of the GreaseMonkey scripts that I use is the GMail Conversation Preview. I have to say that the one thing I really miss in GMail is the ability to see the message in a message pane without having to essentially open up the message. GMail Conversation Preview was a bit of a work-around for this.

A bit of searching on the web revealed this conversation over at Digg where user Kenley pointed out that the issue is caused by the GMail Conversation Preview GreaseMonkey script. By disabling GMail Conversation Preview all the information items return to normal.

To disable a GreaseMonkey Script in Firefox for Mac simply go to the menu bar and click on Tools -> GreaseMonkey -> Manage User Scripts… When the window opens, highlight the GMail Conversation Preview script and uncheck the “Enabled” button that is in the lower left corner of the Manage User Scripts window. Close the window. To see the results, use the refresh button in Firefox to refresh GMail and see the changes.

6 thoughts on “Resolve GMail Undefined Issue

  1. Have you found a fix for the “undefined” problem? I have the same problem with one of my PC’s only. Using IE solves it, but I prefer Foxfire.


  2. Jerry are you using any GreaseMonkey Scripts in Firefox, particularly the GMail Conversation Preview script? It seems that disabling the GMail Conversation preview script fixes the problem.

  3. I have the ‘undefined problem, and have followed a number of the conversations on this site and others re. fixes. However, when I open my Greasemonkey I don’t find the conversation preview script. Any ideas? Many thanks

  4. NJ – When you go to GreaseMonkey -> Manage User Scripts and the window opens, do you see any scripts and if so what which ones?

    Have you tried disabling them all?

    I would recommend that you try disabling them all and if that solves your problem, try disabling them one at a time to see which one is causing the issue.

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