Hear from the Readers – How Do You Do Mac Calendaring

With the recent non-event of the release of Entourage 2008, we haven’t seen much of an improvement in the Mac calendar landscape. Apple has released the iCal Server as part of Leopard Server. But Outlook doesn’t work with the iCalendar standard.

So I’d like to hear from all of you Mac users that work in a mixed environment. How do you deal with calendaring?

One thought on “Hear from the Readers – How Do You Do Mac Calendaring

  1. Zimbra account, hosted on 01.com.

    Everything syncs well most of the time, but sometimes Sync Services complains because 5 or 10 of my 320 contacts are inconsistent between Address Book and Zimbra.

    CalDAV works well all the time between Zimbra and iCal.

    Anyway, I have to use Missing Sync to sync with my Treo (Windows Mobile 6), because Zimbra does not send pictures of contacts, and there’s no way to sync multiple calendars between Zimbra and Windows Mobile (Zimbra only can send 1 calendar, and it must be named “Calendar”).

    The push email option of Zimbra sometimes replaces the special characters in email with “?” signs (much of my email is in spanish).

    It’s far from perfect, but is the best solution I have found for my setup (groupware server + Leopard + Windows Mobile 6). I considering to give a try to Kerio 6.5.

    I really hope the new iPhone and the rumored new .Mac change panorama in the near future.

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